Ilo Vegan Delicacies

Free from Milk, Lactose, Soy and Gluten

New delicacy!

Ilo Cashew Blackie is our newest member of the family. It is rich and creamy with the perfect amount of black pepper.

Ilo vegan products since 2007

Our original blue-lidded hummus is a favorite, however our product family has expanded with lots of new products from pizza topping to white mold cheese.

All Ilo vegan products are
100 % plant-based
milk free, soya free, gluten free

Ilo Hummus Original 150g

The original Ilo Hummus is packed in paper carton.

Ilo Cashew Spread Natural 150g

Our Cashew Spread is smooth like silk and is great for vegan baking.

Ilo Cashew White Mold 120g

Ilo Cashew White Mold is hand made, organic delicacy. It is made with cultures and white mold. Vegan treat for cheese lovers!

Ilo was founded in 2007 in Jämsä, Finland with the mission to provide people delicious plant-based products that made from simple, high quality ingredients. All our products have a short and considered ingredient list, which we are particularly proud of.

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(If you cannot find the desired product at the store, please ask the salespeople for help – they may be happy to order them for you!)

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