About us

Ilo – for your well-being

More and more people are choosing vegetarian food for their plate to reduce the environmental impact of food production. It is a fact that the carbon footprint of plant-based proteins is much smaller that that of animal derived proteins.

Ilo-certified vegan products are tasty and they contain nutritionally valuable plant proteins and fibers. And nature gives thanks!

Ilo vegan products are made in Jämsä by Jokilaakson Juusto. They have been granted the key flag of the Finnish Labor Association.

Company story

Jokilaakson Juusto was founded by Esa Luomanperä in 2003 with the goal of making gourmet spreads. Production takes place in Jämsä, where cheese has been processed since the 1950´s.

Ilo-vegan products

Ilo vegan products are a family of products that respond to the growing demand for dairy-free products.

Ilo Hummus has been made in Jämsä since 2007. It is ‘Mediterranean food with a Finnish twist’.

The basis of Ilo brand

The Ilo brand reflects courage and renewal.

Ilo logo is colorful and centered on the sun. The logo is designed by Osmo Penna. The idea is based on the company´s first logo, sun with sunglasses. It was drawn by the entrepeneur´s daughter on her father´s business card.